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KiteNrich Liquid Fish fertilizer products for farms and consumers

We think the soil you grow in makes a difference to flavour and nutrient density.  Liquid fish stimulates soil microbiology, enabling the plant-soil-connections that drive yield and faster growth to maturity. This is a biological approach, different than synthetic chemical fertilizers or traditional reliance on NPK.

The Benefits

A plot of farming land owned by Windy Heights Farm with cows grazing on it.

For Farmers

Working to improve crop yields, save time, and control costs?  Pandemic supply challenges? Check out our new farm programs for fish hydrolysates.  

We stabilize fish into a low pH pumpable liquid that rapidly absorbs into the soil, with no lingering smell, and all the benefits of natural oils, amino acids into the soil trigger faster, stronger plant growth. 

Sold by the pail, barrel, 1000L tote in LTL, or truckload, get a quote and explore how easy it is to use liquid fish on the farm.

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For Home Gardeners

KiteNrich Pure Fish hydrolysate gives home gardeners the ability to grow their gardens faster, stronger and harvest nutrient-rich vegetables sooner. Our customers love the immediate gratification of seeing their plants thrive. Usually within days of application the plants “pop” and grow faster. 

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