Liquid Fish Hydrolysate

Fish hydrolysate and marine additives create a healthier soil micro-biome, stimulating essential fungi & microbial activity that improves the soil-plant connection. The rich oils, minerals, calcium & amino acids from ocean-based fish are “digested” by natural enzymes to make a water soluble nutrient, similar to chocolate milk in texture, with a mild fishy odour. The raw fish material is quickly stabilized to 3.8 pH with Phosphoric, processed, formulated and screened for client application.

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Grow Your Garden Like Never Before

  • Fast-acting organic all-purpose soil amendment, outdoor or greenhouse use

  • Stimulates soil biology and helps “fill in the gaps” in soil fertility, often dramatic gains in plant growth

  • Healthier food: nutrient rich soils deliver better plant nutrient density

  • Safe and non-toxic

A basket of fresh vegetables grown in a backyard garden.

Everyone is Talking About it

Liquid fish stinks but really works like magic on vegetables. I love it so much I don’t mind the smell.

Huan Huan, Homesteader

One flower pot missed its liquid fish feed, can you tell?

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Penny Fifield, Urban Gardener

This stuff is magic…

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Derek Frampton, Home Gardener

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fertilizer have an expiry date or is it shelf stable?2021-11-15T12:40:56-03:30

It has an indefinite shelf life until diluted. Store in a cool dark place.

Is this product certified for organic use?2021-11-15T12:40:04-03:30

The category of “ Fish hydrolysates” are recognized as an approved organic input. Our fish hydrolysate uses phosphoric acid as a processing aid and will be certified by Ecocert. We are a member of the Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network (ACORN) and registered as a supplier in the inputs directory.

Does it smell?2021-11-15T12:35:29-03:30

Yes of course it smells a bit.  It’s 100% ocean fish turned into soluble fish amino acids and peptides, stabilized in a low pH liquid slurry. We recommend this for outdoor or greenhouse use.

The smell goes away quickly when diluted and applied, there is no lingering fishy aftertaste on foods.

How do I use Liquid Fish?2021-11-15T12:57:35-03:30

Directions: Shake/stir well before using. Prepare for one application only. Do not store diluted fertilizer.

Apply until soil is saturated or as a foliar feed until leaves are wet, top & bottom. It is best to foliar feed early or late in the day.

  • Feed vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs every 2-3 weeks.
  • House Plants: Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water,  15 ml per 4 liters. Feed every 2-3 weeks. Do not overwater.
  • Outdoor Plants including veggies, fruits, flowers and trees: Use 2 oz per gallon of water; 30 ml per 4 litres
  • Lawns: Use 250 ml (1 cup) concentrate mixed with sufficient water (minimum dilution 1:20) to cover 1000 sq ft / 93 sq meters.  Feed monthly during the growing season and again in the fall.
  • Compost Enhancer: Use 60 ml (2fl. Oz.) per gallon of water every 2-3 weeks.
  • Seed Germination: Soak overnight in a solution of 1 teaspoon per cup of water, 5 ml to 250 ml water.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take it internally.


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