Impactful Change

From the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador, we provide organic soil inputs and fertilizers to commercial farmers, and home gardeners.

About Us

NLMO makes fish-based fertilizers, supplemented with seaweed, sea minerals, and chitin from marine crustaceans.

Founded in 2019 NLMO sought to provide nutrient-rich sustainable fish fertilizers to farmers and backyard gardeners alike using fish by-product and fish morts. We created the capacity to divert fertilizer grade raw material from landfill or ocean dumping, into systems that make powerful soil rejuvenation tools.

In 2019, NLMO started supplying Canadian home gardeners with a liquid fish product that helped our clients get results. Word of mouth and social media spread the news and we quickly grew to 27 retailers inside our small island, and thousands of happy consumers.

The move in 2021 into new premises at Windy Heights Farm enables a commercial-scale supply. Newfoundland’s fishery & raw material supply offers the ability to scale production of fish hydrolysate, with access to thousands of tons of by-product from wild capture and aquaculture. 30,000 km of coastline in this province provides ample seaweed, and the mineral-rich water from the North Atlantic enables’ sea mineral extraction.

Our development team of engineers, agronomists, and industry leaders in the bio-marine and agricultural industries have transformed seaweed, sea minerals, and fishery by-product into powerful bio-actives that farmers and growers alike can use to increase crop size, strength, and growth rates.

Our consumers from industrial farmers to backyard gardeners and homesteaders see dramatic crop enhancement when using our lines of BioMarine fertilizers.  See what consumers are saying about our product, here.

Freshly picked carrots, grown in a backyard garden.

Our Mission

  • Help our customers grow clean food at better ROI using biological living soils 

  • Support farmers through the transition to stronger soils by  clustering expertise to build value and returns

  • Create value by transforming oceanic fish byproduct into a stable, screened smooth pouring pumpable liquid

  • Operate the Plant to peacefully co-exist with public interests around raw material transportation, smell, and environment protection.

  • Continue to innovate, partner with farms & research organizations to refine the products, helping farmers profit from biological methods and inputs, and grow more clean healthy food.

We Value

  • Quality Specifications on our products are maintained by standard operating procedures and system resources to ensure consistent standards.
  • Community Conduct business in a manner that makes a positive contribution and supports quality of life in our community.
  • We choose to be impactful in helping cool this earth. Our products help farmers reduce or stop chemical fertilizers by creating natural inputs that build value in soil health.
  • Create products that increase returns over time through soil resilience, rather than burning out soil organic content through chemical fertilizer.

The coast of Newfoundland.

Our Environmental Impact

Sustainable, biological nutrients can help farmers make more money and run better farms by making wise investments in soil health. Biological agronomy systems generate short and long-term benefits for food producers.

Increasing organic matter and bioactivity in soils absorbs more carbon.  An easy win? Improve soil health in perennial pastureland and transform marginal acreage into large swathes of better-quality hayfields that cool the earth.

Meet Our Team