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Key Benefits for Dairy Farmers

  • Save money by replacing or reducing chemical fertilizers with our liquid fish.

  • Reduce Feed supplement costs by beefing up the forage nutrient density.

  • Save time by pumping into the manure tank & applying it with your manure, or use a liquid sprayer to get it on the field.

  • Reduces manure leaching and gas off, helping manure break down faster.


Application Rates

  • In 2021 we tested a range of application rates to find the minimum “sweet spot” of 20 liters per acre per application. 20 liters on weak soil gave a 55% gain. Application rates at 1, 5, and 10 liters per acre are too low.  

  • At 20 liters per acre, a 1000 liter tote covers 50 acres. It can be applied at higher rates, ie 40 liters, but be sure to dilute to bring the pH up to a minimum 5.5-6.5 range. 

How Often to Apply?

  • Apply in the spring and again after every cut.

  • A fall application will prime the soil and give the microbes a boost in advance of soil fungi’s annual winter dormancy.

  • A foliar spray two weeks before harvest will increase hay nutrient density. This spring, our research team at Grenfell, Memorial University will start field trials and lean into how we can use marine nutrients, like shell, seaweed, sea minerals in pre-harvest foliar sprays to drive up forage nutrition.  In our trials, one treatment of fish increased mineral density in the hay.

  • The nitrogen in fish is converted to amino acids that are quickly absorbed in a few weeks. Regular feedings will maintain soil microbes and generate long-term soil health.

  • Heavy feeding crops benefit from regular foliar applications. If you can’t get out to do foliar sprays, apply a heavier rate at the beginning of the season.

Regulatory Status

Fish Hydrolysate is a CFIA primary fertilizer allowed for use in conventional and organic farm systems. Our product is in the process of being certified organic

with Ecocert Canada. 

Trusted by Farmers

In high-value production systems, disease/pests are a constant worry that is usually addressed with pesticides, and the worry about health and safety risks that come with them. I think there’s an appetite to find alternatives.

Used fish successfully on tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, basil and found less disease pressure.

Jeremy Carter, Mt Scio Farms

We grow hay on fields that are over manured, locked up phosphorus, and have low yields.  20L application of fish in test plots and an acre is generating 50% more yields. Our next step is to get the fish on the rest of the 120 acres. It’s that good.

Gerry Walsh, Windy Heights Farm

Inquire Now

Our Liquid Fish is an all-natural, high-quality fish hydrolysate that delivers a comprehensive array of essential amino acids and nutrients from marine sources to your crops. To order, please include your contact details and quantity needed, we will get back to you with pricing and delivery information.

    What is KiteNrich Liquid Fish?2021-11-15T13:43:32-03:30

    Our KiteNrich Liquid Fish Products are a pumpable liquid concentrate stabilized to 3.8 pH.

    How do you apply it?2021-11-15T13:45:54-03:30

    Feild Spray: use a tank sprayer and dilute your application i.e. 20 liters per acre, with water to a minimum of 1:10.


    Tank Mix: Pump into a manure tank at a dosage of 20 liters per acre. Add enough water to bring pH up to normal field conditions, and apply with manure.

    Why is KiteNrich Liquid Fish fertilizer valuable to my farming operations?2021-12-08T16:46:33-03:30

    Farmers make more money and run better farms by making wise investments in soil health. Our KiteNrich Liquid Fish provides biological nutrients to the soil that help biological agronomy systems generate short and long-term benefits for food producers. Check out our recent hayfield trials that showed a significant gain in biomass. The smell quickly dissipates after application, it’s useable in urban farms.


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