For Farmers

NL Marine Organics is bringing proven technological solutions to make a new commercial supply of effective, organic fertilizer from fish byproducts.

Get the benefits of our KiteNrich Liquid Fish products into your fields in an easy-to-use pumpable liquid concentrate with minimal smell.  Liquid Fish can be mixed with other natural ingredients, or pumped into a manure tank and spread with manure. We can help you work out the dosage rate. 

Our Fish Liquid stimulates worm production, a “biomarker” of success when you’re working to improve your land. Richer organic content helps retain water, slow erosion, and support better root development. 

Our technology uses the whole fish and quickly stabilizes it into a low pH slurry and processed into a smooth liquid.  All the protein, oils, minerals, and calcium are digested by natural enzymes to make a water-soluble nutrient, similar to chocolate milk in texture, with a mild fishy odor. NPK values are provided below, but you’ll use it for rapid soil rejuvenation. 

Feeding soil life creates immediate and long-term returns for farmers. 


For Home Gardeners

Our customers love the rapid plant growth from our KiteNrich Pure Fish products and can get past the fishy smell when they see the results within days of application.  It’s all-purpose plant food, traditionally used on fruit & vegetables, lawns & shrubs.   

Plants often show a dramatic increase in growth when a missing nutrient or “weak link” in the soil is provided by our liquid fish.  Sold as a liquid concentrate, it’s an affordable alternative that is safe, non-toxic to use, and fully organic.


Marine Organic Fertilizer vs. Ordinary Fertilizer

Our KiteNrich Liquid Fish products give farmers and gardeners alike a non-toxic alternative to synthetic and chemically enhanced fertilizer. Synthetic and chemically enhanced fertilizers can disrupt/damage soil health and risk waterways with chemical run-offs. Our KiteNrich Liquid Fish products act as biological soil activators and can repair this damage, and rejuvenate organic matter to its healthiest form. NL Marine Organics uses a biological approach to power growth. Organic natural ingredients feed the soil, helping plants absorb more nutrients and make their own nitrogen. Increased organic content in soils leads to more carbon sequestering, and that’s a good thing for helping plants thrive.

The Benefits