Diane Hollett
Diane HollettCo-Founder
Diane is an innovator, bringing together resources & teams to solve important problems, and realize opportunities. Diane created the environment to run lab and bench trials on fish hydrolysates, run a pilot, built a product and created initial traction. When the pilot plant was destroyed by a natural disaster, she re-grouped and built a plan to commercialize in a new location, Windy Heights farm.

5 years in marine bioactive processing, built a team and capacity to realize commercial scale processing facility for aquaculture morts and wild fish by-product. Applying hydrolysates and separations for biological activation in soils and plants, arranged initial sales via distributors in Ontario & Wisconsin with market access to sell the production capacity, while bringing the new capacity & benefits to local market adopters.

Technical Project Team Members

Bradley CollettTechnical Project Manager
Our Technical Project Manager who manages the permitting for 3 phase electrical installation and plant development. Brad has a new capacity in visualization software and is supporting the development process pro bono with NLMO, as the team helps to define a service offering to regenerative farming developments. He’s conducted terrestrial 3 d laser scanning to capture the as-found condition on the Windy Heights Property, using 20 scan locations interior and exterior. Used as a baseline for accurate planning, topographical services, conditional assessment, space planning. Provides to model the tanks and processes and fit it the power & controls systems. The outcome will be a 3-D rendered replication of the plant, with a building information model (BIM)


The company benefits from advisors and a network of friends that are motivated to see advanced bio marine processing successfully commercialize. These include political and community leaders in rural regions that benefit from the increased economic activity, R&D groups at MUN, Dalhousie, including CCFI, NRC, ACOA, customers and brokers.

Brian BabbDirector
Brian has lengthy background in Nfld business sector with holdings in the fishery for 25 years, construction, mining, oil and gas. Brian negotiated the deal with provincial government on acquiring the asset and maintains an interest in the company.
Dr. Ibraheem Adeoti Process Engineer
Ibraheem completed his PH D at MUN in Process Engineering and designed the Shell-Ex autolysis system for fish hydrolysate, using lab- bench- pilot plant installation. This work is being further developed with NLMO, Ibrahim remains available as a consultant for the biological processes.
Nadjia LaFountaineEnvironmental Engineer
An Environmental Engineer and a certified crop consultant specializing is soil biology rejuvenation using organic systems. Nadjia designs soil rejuvenation products that can use NLMO ingredients in crop consulting nutrient programs. She is an influencer with growing following in the TNT distribution community.